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How to File an Annual Return in Isle of Man

Updated on Thursday 20th September 2018

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How-to-File-an-Annual-Return-in-Isle-of-Man.jpgCompanies are required to submit an annual summary that is filed within one month after the anniversary of the incorporation. We present a short guide on how to file an annual return in the Isle of Man.
Offshore company formation in the Isle of Man is a simple process that is subject to a few steps as well as this annual requirement to file the return. The filing process is also subject to certain fees, according to the type of company.

Requirements for annual return filing 

The annual return is filed yearly and within one month after the anniversary of the company’s incorporation. This date is different for companies incorporated before 1993, namely, it is not specifically on the incorporation anniversary date but still on a fixed date each year. 
The report can be seen as an annual summary that is filed irrespective of the fact that the company traded that year or not. It contains information about the company’s accounting records (if these have been kept and prepared). It is not to be confused with other annual statements or the tax or VAT return.
One of our agents who specialize in Isle of Man company formation can give you more information on this filing requirement as well as the other existing ones.

Annual return fees in the Isle of Man

The Government imposes a set of fees, as highlighted below by our team of Isle of Man company registration agents:
  • - for standard companies: between 380£ and 630£ when it is filed on the due date and 630£ when the filing made more than 3 months after the date.
  • - for excepted companies: 95£ when filed on time and 345£ when filed three months after
  • - for charities: no tax when filed on time and 250£ when filed three months after the date.
  • - penalties: these apply for two different levels of delays, 100£ for 1 month and one day to 3 months and 250£ for more than 3 months.
Our agents can offer complete services for setting up a company in the Isle of Man as well as counseling for foreign investors. Contact us for more information and detailed answers. 

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