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Updated on Friday 08th October 2021

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Our team offers a complete range of legal services to corporate and private clients. We offer a personalized approach on each project or transaction for which our clients require specialized legal aid and we provide efficient solutions so that our clients can achieve their goals as swiftly as possible.
Offshore company formation in the Isle of Man is attractive for many investors who are looking for tax neutrality for a business structure and who also wish to remain in close proximity to larger counties such as the United Kingdom. 
Our lawyers in the Isle of Man specialize in corporate and business and are able to assist investors who are interested in incorporation and how to structure their legal entity. What’s more, we are accustomed to working with many international clients, meaning that we successfully handle cross-border transactions. 

Our practice areas

We have extensive experience in many areas of law, however, a key focus is on corporate and commercial issues. This means that we can provide complete assistance to investors interested in setting up a company in the Isle of Man. From choosing the legal structure to preparing the documents and registering the business, our team can assist you and handle certain aspects in your name, via a power of attorney.
Our lawyers in the Isle of Man offer the following services:
  1. Corporate and commercial: we provide legal solutions on structuring companies in the Isle of Man and can help investors set up a business here; we also offer specialized legal advice in all business areas as well as in corporate restructuring, mergers or acquisitions; 
  2. Banking: from opening a bank account in the Isle of Man to handling more complex issues such as corporate and asset finance, collective investment schemes and others;
  3. Dispute resolution: our lawyers in the Isle of Man provide assistance for commercial and civil litigation, employment disputes, restructuring and insolvency issues, cross jurisdictional disputes and they also offer alternative dispute resolution solutions;
  4. Real estate: complete legal assistance for commercial and real estate property; drafting sale/purchase agreements and protecting the interests of landlord or tenants;
  5. Private solutions: we have experience in trust, wills and probate as well as immigration and Family Law issues; we can answer any questions about the Isle of Man residency requirements; private clients can reach out to us for more information about our work.
The list above contains the main services offered by our lawyers in the Isle of Man. We invite you to get in touch with our team if you have any questions about the services we offer to private and commercial clients. 
You can also reach out to us as soon as you decide that you are interested in offshore company formation in the Isle of Man

Litigation lawyers in the Isle of Man

If you run a business in the Isle of Man you may need a lawyer to assist you if you are involved in a dispute. This can include a shareholder dispute, one with an employee, or when a client has unpaid invoices. Asking for expert legal advice is essential in these cases as an Isle of Man lawyer will know how to approach the case in a manner in which the issue will be sorted in the shortest amount of time possible.
Dispute resolution is a process that can take place in or out of court. We favor amicable dispute resolution and this means that our lawyer can also assist clients who are looking for alternative methods to solve commercial or business conflicts, such as arbitration or mediation. Arbitration in particular can be included as a dispute resolution method from the very beginning, when you choose to draw up a services or employment agreement as well as in other cases. By including such a clause in the contract, the two parties undertake that they will attempt to use arbitration as the first method if a dispute arises during the duration of the contract. Unlike court litigation, arbitration has lower costs and yields faster results.
Our litigation lawyers analyze your case so that they may find the most suitable solution and at the same time the solution that will being the least disruption to your business or affairs in the Isle of Man. We represent local and international clients in front of court and we offer tailored solutions irrespective of the business field in which the corporation activates.

lsle of Man lawyers specializing in real estate

Our lawyers specializing in real estate matters can help legal and natural persons purchase property in the Isle of Man. Non-residents are permitted to purchase real estate and property values has increased as demand increases. Interested individuals, or companies willing to purchase commercial real estate, can reach out to our trustworthy property lawyers.
We assist clients in residential and commercial real estate property transactions from the very beginning, or the negotiation with the seller, to the final step of collecting the title of ownership.  We offer solutions and assistance to individual buyers as well as large developers who may be interested in commencing a construction project in the Isle of Man. Our solutions include the following:
  • - property sale and purchase;
  • - leasing;
  • - land sale and purchase;
  • - mortgages and re-mortgaging;
  • - building control issues as well as legal guidance concerning the Construction and Engineering Law, as may be needed in case of large developers.
Our law firm is also able to offer legal representation in and out of court in construction disputes as well as tenant/landlord disputes.
When foreign buyers are unable to remain in the Isle for the entire duration of the property transaction, one of our lawyers is able to act on his behalf by means of a power of attorney, drafted especially for the purpose of concluding the property purchase and handling all the associated property matters. The powers entrusted to our agent will cease once the transaction is complete.

Employment lawyers in the Isle of Man

Hiring employees in the Isle of Man is a natural step for many company owners, once they have completed the company incorporation stages. Managing employment issues according to law, and in an efficient manner, is one way in which the company can ensure its success. The quality of the team has an important influence on the overall business activity and this is the reason why investors in the Isle of Man will want to make sure that they are involved in the good treatment of their employees and, most importantly, will want to make sure that they implement the most suitable solutions for their business in terms of employment.
Our Isle of Man lawyers can assist business owners who are starting to hire employees and are in need of legal advice concerning the format and the clauses included in the employment agreement. We are also able to provide legal counsel at all times, irrespective of the stage in which the business finds itself. Perhaps you are unsure of how to handle a dismissal or you have been accused of unfair dismissal or harassment. Discussing the matter with a lawyer and, when applicable, asking for legal representation, is essential in these cases.
If you need to draft employment contracts, include new clauses in an already existing agreement (such as non-disclosure or confidentiality ones if you have updated your policies), or if you need legal assistance if a claim has been made against your company in the Employment and Equality Tribunal, our team can assist you.

Our team of lawyers in the Isle of Man

We are a team that works closely together to solve the legal issues presented by our clients. Our attorneys are accustomed to offering both simple and complex solutions and legal opinions. Often, we are asked to provide legal opinions that require specialization in several practice areas. In these cases, our services are offered in connection to one another, for example legal opinions for corporate and commercial situations in connection with property transactions. 
Our lawyers will ask you for a description of your case along with information that is essential to the issue or the transaction. This can include but is not limited to the company’s certificate of incorporation (when the legal entity in question is already registered), along with relevant copies that are used to identify our clients (travel document or ID copies).
We encourage you to reach out to our lawyers in the Isle of Man for details about our terms and services. 
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Isle of Man company formation

Legal assistance in the Isle of Man is commonly requested by foreign investors who start a business. the number of registered companies is high for a small jurisdiction such as the Isle, however, it is due to the favorable incorporation and taxation conditions.
Below, our team of Isle of Man company formation agents highlights some of the statistics on companies as indicated by the Government
  • - Companies in June 2020: the total number of 1931 Act Companies was 15,567 and that of 2006 Act Companies was 9,540;
  • - Legal entities in December 2019: at the end of 2019 there were 15,967 1931 Act Companies and 9,577 2006 Act companies;
  • - Companies in December 2018: 16,397 1931 Act Companies and 9,598 2006 Act Companies were recorded at the end of 2018; 
  • - Companies in  2017: there were 17,090 1931 Act Companies and 9,570 at the end of December 2017.
If you need more information about Isle of Man company formation, you can contact our lawyers for details about our legal services.

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