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Moving to the Isle of Man

Updated on Friday 17th September 2021

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Moving to the Isle of Man.jpgThe Isle of Man offers good opportunities for doing business as well as a good quality of life. Those who are interested in moving to the Isle of Man access an international business center, that encourages innovation and professionalism and, at the same time, offers opportunities for a harmonious work-life balance, close to nature.
Working, starting a business or reuniting with family members who already live here is simple when following a few guidelines.
Our team of Isle of Man company formation experts lists the main types of visas that allow you to work or start a business and remain for long-term purposes in the Isle.

The types of visas for those who relocate to Isle of Man

There are many types of visas that allow the holder to work in the Isle of Man and there are also visas suited for those who wish to open a start-up business or for high net worth individuals.
Our Isle of Man company formation specialists lists the main types of visas for work and business for those interested in moving to the Isle of Man:
  1. Worker migrant visa: for non-EEA nationals who have found a skilled job in the Isle of Man; the application process starts once the employment is approved and the visa is valid for 3 years;
  2. Intra-company migrant visa: foreign nationals can relocate to the Isle of Man if their company is transferring them to a company branch located here; the job can be filled in for maximum 5 years;
  3. Investor visa: for high net worth individuals who are able to made a significant investment of at least 2,000,000£; the validity period is for 3 years, with the option to extend or to settle;
  4. Business migrant: two categories of visas are available in this category, the one for the start-up and the one for the innovator; our team can give you more details about the differences.
The application for this type of visa, as all applications submitted to the Immigration Service, is subject to careful consideration in case of all applicants who wish to immigrate to Isle of Man.
Certain conditions apply for the Investor visa and, depending on the amount invested, the high net worth individual who obtains this visa can apply for settlement under a special regime. Investors who are interested in moving to the Isle of Man and obtain this visa can:
  • - Invest the minimum amount of 2,000,000£ in either active and trading Isle of Man companies or in Isle of Man Government bonds; one cannot invest in companies primarily engaged in property investment, management or developlemt;
  • - Apply to settle after 2 years when the investment has a value of 10,000,000£;
  • - Apply for settle after 3 years if the investment amounts to 5,000,000£;
  • - The holder can work or study.
Please keep in mind that there are various routes for moving to the Isle of Man and the visas presented herein are only part of those available. We encourage you to reach out to our specialists if you need more details.
The Isle of Man, the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland are a common travel area. There is no separate immigration formality for travel between the Isle and the UK.

Moving to the Isle of Man – routes to settle

There are five ways in which a foreign national can settle in the Isle of Man:
  1. As a spouse or partner: both partners need to be 18 or over and the partner needs to be a British citizen or have a permanent residence status; the partners need to be in a relationship for at least 2 years at the date of the application; when using this route for moving to the Isle of Man, the partner who applies must intend to remain here permanently live with his/her spouse;
  2. As a family member: when the said family member is a British citizen or has an indefinite leave to remain status;
  3. As a fiancé: when the applicant plans to marry a British national or an Isle of Man permanent resident within 6 months;
  4. As a relative: application as the dependant of an individual who has obtained a Tier 1 visa (investor, entrepreneur or migrant), a Tier 4 visa or a Worker Migrant visa.
Settling in the Isle of Man is also possible based on ancestry (either Isle of Man or UK). Our team can give you more details if you wish to immigrate to Isle of Man. We can help you understand the visa application process (when needed), as well as the requirements for remaining in the country for long-term purposes and, ultimately, indefinitely.
The small Crown Dependency has much to offer. Contact us today if you need assistance for relocating purposes.

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