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Why Invest in the Isle of Man?

Updated on Friday 08th October 2021

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Why-Invest-in-the-Isle-of-Man.jpgOffshore company formation in the Isle of Man is preferred by many business investors because of the island’s many advantages not only in terms of taxation but also because of the varied options for establishing companies and trusts.
Why invest in the Isle of Man? We explore some of the most important advantages for investors who are looking towards this small location in the Irish Sea which is so favorably located.
The following list includes four of the most significant reasons why the Isle of Man is an offshore destination. Below, our team of Isle of Man company formation agents details some of these all-important advantages.
  1. Stability: the Island is a self-governing territory with a good location between Ireland and the United Kingdom. According to some of the international credit agencies, it has a low credit risk and a stable economy.
  2. Tax-free: the income tax rate for residents and non-resident is zero percent.
  3. Investor protection: offshore investors in the Isle of Man benefit from a high level of protection and they have a right to privacy.
  4. A wide range of asset protection vehicles: the Isle of Man gives investors the options to establish several types of trusts, according to their wealth protection needs.

No taxation

In terms of taxation, the Isle of Man can be perceived as a tax haven. The standard income tax rate for residents and non-residents is zero percent. This applies to all types of company income except that received by licensed banks. Another situation in which income is taxed is that in the case of income derived from land and property. 
In some cases, dividends can be subject to taxation in the country where the income is derived from. For more information on specific taxation matters, investors can reach out to one of our Isle of Man company registration specialists.

Investor confidentiality and security

Investor protection in the Isle of Man is possible through a set of regulations issued by the Financial Services Authority, compensation schemes and the Isle of Man Insurance Act. what’s more, the Data Protection regulation offers a high degree of privacy to business owners. 
For more information about the advantages related to setting up a company in the Isle of Man, please do not hesitate to contact us
If investing in the Isle of Man is an option, and you also wish to take into consideration applying for Isle of Man permanent residence, you can talk to our specialists. 

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